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We definitely did not wait until now to start talking about names. We’ve been talking names for years, and there are several contenders that have stood the test of time and have remained near the top of our list. Then again, there are also a few new names we’ve discovered that have the allure of sounding fresh and original.

If you’ll look at the side of our blog, you’ll see a random collection of names we may or may not like. We’re not going to tell you which names are veterans or newbies to our list, nor will we divulge if we’re leaning toward one particular name at the moment. In other words, the poll to your right is for us to gather information from you, not vice versa.

In some ways, it’s a little bit scary to talk about the new names you like, for fear that in talking about a name too much it will lose its newness and become another boring name. But at some point, we’re going to have to call our kid something, and a name can’t stay new forever.

I’m not sure what makes a name sound good or bad when you hear it. It probably has something to do with your experiences in elementary school with that guy named Chaz or Vince that you really didn’t get along with. For me, however, much of the attraction to a name lies in what the name actually means. By this, I’m not referring to the little cards you can buy in Christian book stores that have some made-up meaning for names like Collin or Ainsley. I remember getting one of those cards when I was younger and it claimed the name Collin meant “Victory.” I thought to myself, “Well that’s a load of crap. You could put anything you want on those cards and, let’s be honest, a card that tells you your name means ‘Defeat’ is not going to sell well.” (In reality, Collin is sort of related to the name Nicholas, which means, “victory of the people”). This is probably why I’m more drawn to biblical names at the moment, because I like the meaning.

As it stands, we don’t know if Baby Ninja is a boy or girl yet, so we’re not sure which section of the baby names book to start with first. Nonetheless, we’d be delighted to hear what everyone thinks about the names in the poll. You can only vote for one name per gender, so make it count!

(If you get this blog in a feed or an email, you’ll have to actually visit the blog to see the poll.)


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  2. My mom and I are team voting. I voted Hannah and Daniel on the real poll. But since I can only vote once, I'm putting mom's vote here: Emma and Daniel. Can you add it to the poll?

    Hope you survive the snow!

  3. Ooops, something went wrong with my attempt to comment on your blog for the first time! Anyway, obviously I vote for Hannah!!! Best name EVER and i've always loved my name, and it's meaning, i'm thrillied to see it on your list and I hope it's one you love and not a 'boring' one or one you definitely don't like! We spell Isabel Isobel in this country haha! Just please don't do that thing that Christian people do when they pick a random Greek New Testament word and use it for their child's name, like, 'ah yes, we named her 'Agape' which means 'love' in Greek'! Love -agape - to you both, Hannah (Brooks) xxxx

  4. um, definitely voting for Caris. Best name eva!!! In fact, I think I may be offended if other people don't vote for it too. :)

  5. I think it's a boy, so I'm just going to vote on the boys names. I like Jack Bullard or Asher Bullard. But I voted for Jack.

  6. Well- we are getting a Frences Lluise ina few weeks so we obviously like Francie-but all of them are good. You should check the social Security website to see how popular these names are right now- it might give you some idea of how many Emma's or Jack's will be in baby Bullards kindergarten class:).

  7. Asher! Asher! Asher! If this one was to be a boy we were going to name him Silas Asher...pretty sure we are done, but if things change we are still using it, but it is my favorite!

  8. Listen, I voted for Henry (although Jack Daniels was really tempting) but I want to be completely honest that I want to name my son Henry. SO, if some day, I actually get married, and actually have a son, I'm not coping you. :)

    In all seriousness- So excited for you two!!!

  9. Cheryl. That is my wasnt on the list...error I assume. :)


  10. I couldn't decide so jared made our final choices. For the girls it was between Hannah and Emma, and Emma one (unless you want to keep the "C" theme with Caris). For the boys it was between Asher and Daniel, and Jack Daniel won :) --Kelleigh

  11. I want to be sure I understand this correctly. You're going to name the baby whatever we vote for the baby to be named, right? If that IS the case, I think it would only be fair to include a write-in option. Nevertheless, I've voted.



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