Baylor Line Camp

As many of you know, Candice works for New Student Programs at Baylor. But many of you may not know exactly what she does on a day-to-day basis. Well, today was a good example. Right now, there are 220 incoming Baylor students on campus for Baylor Line Camp. Line Camp is a week long camp for the students to build relationships and become familiar with Baylor life and traditions before arriving for class in the fall. Over 700 students will have participated in Line Camp before the summer is finished! This evening, in order to familiarize the students with the history of Baylor, we drove 2 hours to the place where Baylor was originally founded: Independence, TX. Independence also happens to be the site of the oldest Baptist Church in Texas, which gives a new meaning to 'First' Baptist Church. The students have dinner at the church and tour the sites of Windmill Hill and Academy Hill where four columns of Baylor's original campus still stand. (See picture.)

There, the students are initiated into the Baylor legacy (also called the Baylor 'Line') by donning a Baylor Line jersey and walking through the center of the columns for the first time, symbolizing their entrance into the Baylor family.


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