Baylee Bug

This is Baylee, my sweet sister who will be 13 this week. It's really quite mindboggling and a bit terrifying. I remember a few months after she was born... I was 11 and just getting to know Jesus. I would come home from the 5th grade and hold her every afternoon while our mom was at work. I remember one afternoon in particular as though it were yesterday... the weather was perfect, Baylee was ready for a nap, and I sat on the front porch with her on my chest, watching the cars drive by. As she slept, I whispered to her that Jesus loved her and that she should love him back. I know... hard to imagine a 5th grader telling her newborn (not to mention sleeping) baby sister to love Jesus! But that was my genuine hope for Baylee then and it still is now, 13 years later.
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