The big game

Collin won't write anything on our blog because he thinks the entries have to be profound and life-altering. Even though I told him pretty much everything he says is genius, he still thinks it's a big deal. So... in an effort to lighten up the blogging expectations, I thought I would get you all pumped for the game tonight!

Why will Oklahoma win? Think about it-- the Sooners were the highest-scoring team in modern college football history, putting up 702 points this season. And something I love because it's so stinkin' strategic: Oklahoma’s no-huddle scheme pushes the pace of a game and forces the defense to make quick decisions and limit its substitutions. As for the defense-- players like defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and defensive back Nic Harris can make plays and are coming into the game with something to prove.

What? Are you surprised that I'm blogging about football? Hey, I know stuff.

Okay, I confess. In an attempt to be relevant (whatever that means anymore) I stole the info from the New York Times College Football Blog. But really- don't you all think Collin should just get over it and blog?!


  1. this is my favorite blog entry of anyone ever. and i like the new look! --kelleigh

  2. Candice! This entry cracks me up and reminds me how my friends and I (just after undergrad) used to read things in the paper or see them on the TV and then say them to the husbands as we watched football - as though we had any idea what we were talking about.
    They always saw right through us. But we got a kick out of it! :)

    Love you


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