Just the highlights

Due to a full schedule, and frankly, a lack of creativity, here's what's going on with us, in snapshot form:
  • Collin is almost done with Ph.D. applications (sooo close)! He has an interview here at Baylor next weekend. We are anxious to see how that goes and are generally optimistic.
  • We had a great visit with our friend Matt this past weekend. He moved to St. Louis this summer and it was nice to do normal things together again, like cooking dinner and staying up too late for no reason. We also went to a real live honky tonk to see Chris (Collin's brother) play with the band. He's a great musician and it's always fun to go to his gigs.
  • Collin and I both are feeling the travel bug again. It happens to us fairly regularly... we just get restless and want to travel! It's safe to say it's our favorite thing to do together. At the moment, Collin wants to go snow skiing. I'm up for it, but will need a friend who will head to the hottub if the slops are brutal. And, of course, we always want to go out of the country. But that takes the big bucks. I do have several out-of-state work trips coming up soon, so that will have to suffice. But work-travel is so different than Collin/Candice-travel.
  • And finally, my nephew Dalton is turning 4. Can't believe it. Isn't he a cutie? Love him.


  1. Oh my goodness, we have been talking about wanting to go skiing too!! Let us know if you really go!!


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