And it begins

We sold our coffee table today. One thing down; 47,000 things to go. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but we do have a lot of stuff to sell between now and the third weekend in May. That’s the big weekend. My last day as a Baylor employee is officially May 14th, Collin graduates from Baylor on the 15th with all of our parents in attendance (I say all of our parents, because, well, these days we have a lot of parents!), and we will load up and move to Ardmore on the 16th. Thank you, mom and Baylee, in advance for your help. And Jeff/Jared (our ever faithful Ada movers/carpet cutter extraordinaire)—we will be wishing you lived in Waco on moving day! :) I know nobody likes moving, and neither do we, but we are going be insanely organized in hopes that the actual day will go smoothly. The organizing has begun… we went through all of our books and sorted them into categories (1. move to Ardmore/we need them this summer; 2. move to Ardmore/keep packed/we don’t need them this summer/find a place to store them; 3. move to Ardmore and then to Durham; 4. sell in garage sale or give away to students…. And each box has a label on the outside with a list of its contents). So we’ve gotten a good start, but still have a lot to do. I’m thinking of giving away a ‘free gift’ with every purchase. :) Today a girl came to our apartment to pick up the coffee table and after she left, I asked Collin if he gave her anything else. At first, he seemed puzzled, but then realized and agreed that the more stuff people carry out of our apartment, the less we have to sell/move/give away in the end. Good plan, don’t you think?

In other news, we've been missing our friends lately. Knowing that we'll see many of you soon should be a consolation, but rather, I just feel anxious for it to happen already! Spending time with people we love and who love us is really food for the soul and I think we're feeling a bit starved at the moment. Lucky the two of us are such good friends and actually like being around each other! :)


  1. Way to be on top of things! You're right moving is never fun, but sounds like you have a system. Can't wait to have a summer date with you all!

  2. Trust me, your friends miss you like crazy, too. Seriously, how much longer do I have to go without you?! Only three months, OK, I can hack it. But its still too long. Can't wait to see you then. Love, Tiffani

  3. Also thanks for putting my blog on your blogroll (right) as my official student affairs administrator name "Dr. Tiff" - i have a funny phd story the next time we talk.


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