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Well, it’s getting close to the end of the road. Tonight was our last Brooks College community dinner, and it was sad to say goodbye to the students. I really will miss this job; I’ve loved being able to integrate life, work, and school so that it’s hard to tell when I’m working and when I’m not. Meanwhile, even though we are tying up plenty of loose ends, we are preparing in earnest for our move to Ardmore. We’ve slowly been selling most of our furniture and several more pieces disappeared this week, including our long beloved dining room table. I could go on for a while about all the things that we are having to get rid of, but this picture sums it up pretty well.

This is basically what it’s like at our house these days. One of us picks up something, like, oh, I don’t know, a simple, non-descript, spaghetti strainer. Then we stare at one another, knowing that it’s time to get rid of our precious strainer. One of us says, "Do we have to get rid of this?" Yes, it’s time. But we’ve been through so much together; this strainer has served us at so many gatherings where love and friendship mingled richly over bountiful helpings of luscious spaghetti… mmmmm… I’m starting to get hungry. Yep, that’s pretty much what it’s been like. And after holding onto the strainer for a few minutes, I finally say goodbye, and let it go. After a while, this process gets exhausting. I mean, when you find yourself stopping to emotionally part with almost everything you own, it takes it out of you. I suppose there is a lesson somewhere in this… something like—our lives do not consist in the accumulation of things, but in the precious web of relationships that those things represent. Nonetheless, that was one damn good spaghetti strainer. We’ll have to part with the things, but we’ll hold on to the memories. Perhaps we could all stand to find a little less of our identity in the things we possess.

In other news, our niece’s first birthday party was today, and it was awesome! The guitar pictured below is a potent expression of the awesomeness that is my one-year-old niece: it’s frilly, musical, sassy, totally plays by it’s own rules, and is bedazzled from head to foot.

One cool thing that I learned about my niece today was that she likes avocado. How great is that? I was like, "What’s up Gracie, whatcha got there… ohhhhh, avocado, I like avocado." (She stared a “me too” right back). "What else is new?", I asked. "Not a lot," she burped, "I got a new social security card and learned how to clap my hands together like this."

Then she clapped for an unusually long time about a box of Ritz crackers that appeared. I’m pretty sure we wasted a lot of money on the gifts we bought her, because I realized in that moment that what we should’ve gotten her was a huge box of avocado flavored Ritz crackers. On a more serious note, she’s great and we love her a lot. It was good to see her today. She’s a grown a lot and is getting cuter all the time. I can’t wait til she starts talking.


  1. Gee thanks! I like your blog too. I'm especially jealous you were able to upload the Cutest Blog on the Block layout- I could NEVER get it to work. :( Can we hang out before you move?


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