It's official. Collin clicked the 'accept' button and had the required documents sent to Cambridge that will confirm that he will be a student at Cambridge in a few short months. We also found out that he will be a part of a particular residential college (Darwin College), which we know very little about. It is a college specifically for graduate students, so we think there will be lots of people around our age and in our stage of life. Also, about half of those students are from outside of the U.K. So we are feeling generally optimistic about the College.

~Collin writing now...~

It has been surprising that this decision was not more difficult. I remember agonizing for a long time over the decision to turn down Baylor and go to Durham. Then when I heard from Cambridge, I braced myself again for another complicated round of weighing the pros and cons before finally making a hard decision. But it hasn't been like that at all. In fact, the day I got the offer letter, we started talking it out with some friends, and after a few minutes, they said, "Well, it sounds like you've got a pretty easy decision: Go to Cambridge." At first, I thought this was crazy talk... it HAD to be harder than that... but it really wasn't. In fact, over the course of the week it just made more and more sense to change the plan and go to Cambridge instead of Durham... so that's what we're doing. I'm just glad we hadn't bought any plane tickets yet! :)


  1. Congratulations.

    I got my packet from Northwestern today. It made me even more scared.

    Does this change of plans affect when you leave?

  2. Had a wonderful time visiting with you this weekend! Thanks for including me! :)

    I hope your drive home was uneventful!


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