Doesn't this look fun???

I am a little obsessed with the VW camper vans. I want an old (vintage) one to drive around Europe. Some of them sleep up to four people, have refrigerators, sinks, and stove-top cookers. And it could be cost effective because we could save on hotels/hostels, food, and train/bus/plane fares. And we could, of course, sell it when we move back. What do you think?


  1. Ha! I think you should go ahead and get the camper van now. I mean, what better way to wait in line for Who Wants to be a Millionaire than in a VW camper van?! ;)

  2. And ps I'll email you those pictures :) Do you still use your Baylor email, or is there a better email I should use?

  3. I'm not even kidding even a little when I say this. My cousin has one that he and his wife have been working on for a while. I rode in it yesterday. You MUST get one.

  4. Shannon- Yeah, my Baylor email is great.
    Loved your comment about Who Wants to be a Millionaire... Collin still thinks he's going. (Seriously, he's sitting next to me and when I typed that, he said, "I AM going." :)

    Jesse- What is theirs like? How old is it? Our cousins have one too- it's AWESOME. It's a 1971 model I think. That's where I got the idea. I just have to convince Collin. :)

  5. 1) your baylor email doesn't work anymore. i used it two weeks ago and my email was returned.

    2) If you are expecting y'all two, me and Matt to tool around Europe in a VW Camper van, then I'm in. But pajamas are required for all occupants. :) Love you, see you, bye!

  6. That sounds crazy cool!!

    Oh, and thanks for the encouragement. Whenever big change occurs in my life, I become quite self-evaluative which causes me to ask questions and think about things that aren't always pretty.

  7. ps tried to send you an email with the pics, it was rejected. :(

  8. Ugh, so frustrating. Sorry Shannon. I know this one works:
    Thanks girl!!

  9. Um, I miss you guys. So I've decided that you can't move to England after all. Let me know what you think. :)

    Fine, you can go. :(

    Hope you are having a great summer. Let me know if you end up getting the VW van. They are awesome!


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