Summer visits

The summer is flying by quickly! In May we didn't have much planned for the summer other than a few visits to family. We thought we would have a peaceful, restful, productive summer in Ardmore, getting things done that need to be done before the move to Cambridge. But peaceful, restful, and productive in no way describe this summer. Don't get me wrong- there have been some great times... just not what we had planned. And we (obviously) haven't been the best about keeping this blog updated, but here's a few snapshots of the summer:

First, we went to Waco to visit with some friends from my grad program at Baylor. After graduation, everyone dispersed to locations across the country and man, have we missed them. Five of us were blessed with the opportunity to stay together for the week. We had many late, fun, crazy nights and mostly just enjoyed being together. We also got to celebrate Tiffani on her birthday, which was super fun. Really, it was just good for my spirit to be with these people. These are the friends who have seen me at my worst (or close to it) and stuck around. They are the people who remind me of what is most important in life and challenge me to be more of the person I am created to be. I hadn't had that much fun in a long time and it brought a lot of joy to our lives to be with such good friends. The good news is a few of us with be together again in less than two weeks from now!! Woo hoo!!

We left Waco and headed to Plano. Our cousins (Brenton and Katie) recently had twins (Ella and Oliver) and we got the chance to care for these sweet babies for a few days. At night we stayed up late with the babies and I must say, we make quite a good team. (By the way, Collin was awesome with the newborns. Ella had him wrapped around her tiny finger.) It made me think, "Hmm... we are pretty dang good at this. We could have a baby." But then at 3am I would start to think, "Heck no, we can't have a baby, I'm tired!" :) Anyway, we love Ella-Bella and Oliver already and hope we are able to be a part of their lives as they grow up.
July 4th was spent at Lake Norrell with the Fulmer crew. Lots of people, dogs, food, and sun! It was a great time!

We met my dad, sister, and nephews in Idabel to visit and see my grandma. It was a quick trip, but good to be together.

Next came a trip to Collin's grandparents house. Collin's brother Chris, his wife Rebekah, and their (adorable) little girl Gracie, as well as our other niece Sydney, came too. Being at Nana's is something like being at a resort/bed and breakfast. She cooks (ALOT) and there's plenty to do. I spent a lot of time swimming with Sydney and even Gracie got in (and loved it.)

We know after we move away at the end of the summer, we will miss all of these people so we are trying to make the most of our time with them this summer!

In other news... we may (fingers crossed) have found a place to live in Cambridge! We will update soon!


  1. Can't wait to hear about the Cambridge plans! Love you!

  2. You have been all over! :) Not necessarily restful but SO rejuvenating!!!

    And you still have over a month before you head abroad, right?

  3. It was so good to see you guys this summer. I will miss you more than you know. In fact, just the other day we mentioned, "I miss the Bullards!" We were "hankering" for a night of great conversation with you two. Thanks for being such great friends. I look forward to watching you enter this new leg of the journey.


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