Ginormous Moving Sale

Last week we went to the Ardmoreite building to place a classified ad. We decided that there was no other way to describe the scale of our liquidation other than "Ginormous". The nice lady who was helping us place the ad asked how to spell it, so we did... and that was the beginning of the garage sale to end all garage sales. It was spectabulous, people started showing up as early as 6:15am. I fought several people away from the door with a large machette, which I advertised as being for sale. As we opened the garage door, several people were trampled as the early risers ducked under the opening door in order to get first dibs on all our stuff. As the eyes of the people widened at the sight of all our treasures, we announced, "And that's not all, folks... there's more inside." We opened up the house, which we had turned into a veritable flea market by placing price tags on everything in sight. It was truly a beautiful thing... we just opened up the doors and everyone hauled our stuff away (plus they paid us!).
So, you might say, "Collin, what could you possibly have left after that hujangus garage sale?" The answer: "Not much, folks, not much." The house is empty and devoid of entertainment... we've been reduced to sitting in our fold out green and pink camping chairs playing a no-dvd version of Friends Scene-It (one of the only board games that didn't sell... and which, conveniently, can be yours for only $8). After discovering that Scene-It really isn't much fun without a DVD player and a TV, we decided to start packing: awesome.
Naturally, if you're moving to another country, you very early realize that you can't take all your stuff, so you begin weeding out all the clothes that you don't wear or don't like or don't want anyone else to know about. We did this about three months ago. Therefore, having felt good about the downsizing we had done, we began packing our checked baggage allowance of four suitcases. 30 seconds later, I prophesied that we would need to take an extra bag (understatement of the year). 30 seconds after that, I looked at Candice and said, "Where did all this crap come from!?" Needless to say, we went through several packing phases... the first phase was more of a "I-like-this-alright-but-I-don't-wear-it-very-often-so-I'll-get-rid-of-it" phase... the next phase was a "I-wear-this-a-lot-but-not-as-much-as-this-so-it-can't-go" phase... and the final phase was the "something's-gotta-give-and-even-though-I-love-these-shoes-there's-just-no-way-in-hell-they're-going-to-fit" phase.
We stopped packing before we started crying.
As for the next few days, we are trying to see as many people as possible until our September 3 departure. That's right: September 3rd-- we are flying out one week from today!! Will the Bullards be able to get packed in time? Will Collin's superman boxers make the cut? Who will end up with the Friends Scene-It game? Stay tuned, faithful readers... stay tuned.

Still for sale:
Treadmill - $150
Buffet Table - $75
5 piece bedroom suit with King size 4 poster bed - $800
Moving to Cambridge with your best friend - priceless.


  1. Loved the packing play-by-play, though perhaps "collin's superman boxers" lept into the realm of TMI... I can only imagine the conversations that ensued about the clothing, etc. I sure hope that you find a way to take enough stuff - and my suggestion is those bags that you can suction the air out of - they don't work great, but they do give you a little extra room.

    Also, I still cannot believe that woman brought back the bed/mattresses. LAME!

    Love you both. Miss you already and all the time. Excited to see you by video phone and next summer (ok, and in March!)! Trig. (that's dr. tiff to you)

  2. HAHAHA. Actually, it's more often TR (when I'm typing) or Tiff (when I'm talking). :)

  3. It is official, you guys are awesome. The description of the sale was stupendulous. :) (stupendous + ridiculous + fabulous)

    Man, I'm going to miss you guys! I already do. Candice, I say you forgo the packing and pack only one or two outfits. Then you will just HAVE to go shopping in London. Right? :)

    Please know that you're in my prayers. I can't wait to see all the places God will take you over the next few months and years. We love you guys!

  4. I could completely see the two of you sitting in camping chairs attempting to play Scene It. Ha.

    Praying for your remaining time in the states and for safe travels!

    Oh and 70 degree weather...jealous!


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