Oklahoma Christmas 2009!

Well folks, it snowed 6” the night before our flight left Heathrow, and while it was an adventure trying to get over the river and through the snow, we finally made it to grandmother’s house. Here’s a couple of shots of our street and the East Anglia countryside on our way to the airport.
And after a long flight, we made it through customs in DFW and the lady on the other side says, “Y’all have a good evenin’.” Welcome to Texas :). Chris and Beka picked us up from the airport (thank you), and cooked us the best pork rib tenderloin roast thang you’ve ever had in your life (THANK YOU!!!).
The next day, we went to my Nana’s house in Duncan. It was a fun day of seeing lots of people and eating lots of really awesome food. “Excuse me, Collin, could you pass the awesome.” “I’m sorry, voice, I can’t, because it’s ALL AWESOME.”
Here’s a picture of the whole gang :)
It was a beautiful day, and the weather was definitely much warmer than Cambridge (even though I wouldn’t mind some snow in Oklahoma over Christmas). I think it was probably the best welcome back we could have asked for.
After we ate, we had a sampling party with a bunch of traditional English Ales that we brought from the U.K.
Another highlight of the trip was seeing our niece, Gracie and our baby cousins, Oliver and Ella.
Now we just need to finish our Christmas shopping and get ready for round 2 of “Oklahoma Christmas 2009”.


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