Christmas list

Dear Santa,

We haven't been too naughty this year and I know we are a long way from home, but I'm sure your reindeer can make it to the United Kingdom, seeing as how they can fly and all. This year my wish list might be a little different. Here's a preview:

1. A jar (or 10) of salsa. Texas style. Like they make at On the Border or El Chico.
2. Cornbread mix. Yep, a box of Jiffy. Or even just some cornmeal so I can make my own homemade cornbread. Our stew today will just not be the same...
3. Cholula, for the sake of all things holy and Collin's happiness

I'm sure there are other, more important things to ask for... like world peace. But to keep the peace around the top flat, these things would really help.


  1. There is no cornmeal in the whole of England?! That is bizarre and surprising. Well, perhaps cornmeal will be coming in the mail (don't wait for it coming from me, since I would send you some with a coffee cup cozy, but I have been delayed in my making them.... darned homework!)

    Now the Chollula is not surprising, since the Brits are known for the blandness of their food. But maybe you can just find some red pepper flakes? or Cayenne?

    Its an exciting new adventure!
    Love you both!! Tiff

  2. I can definitely oblige and help Santa out. Expect to receive some Texas style Salsa. Would you like it sooner than Xmas?


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