A Day for Punting

Here's a look at my college, Darwin College. In America, we sometimes use the word 'college' to refer to a specific institution (i.e. Wheaton College); and at other times, the word college refers to a division of a university (i.e. college of arts and sciences). However, a 'college' at Cambridge is simply a residential community (there's a bit more to it, but you get the idea).

Also, we decided to go punting since it was such a lovely day... so there's a lot of video from our punt down the river. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the little tour! It was a great way to start my Friday. You will be punting pros when I arrive next summer! Love ya!

  2. Cambridge looks absoulutely beautiful. Glad you've had some nice weather to enjoy!

    Also, great reference- "hoity toity, really top drawer."

  3. I love it! I want to come visit now! :) What a beautiful place. Thanks for letting us in on your new home! :) It makes me miss you guys. :)

  4. OH it looks soooo beautiful there. I'm so jealous of green trees and 75 degree weather. Enjoy it!

  5. Ok, so firstly, I just wanted to say -- that Private sign, I've been there, lol!

    Secondly, love, love, love the punting tour!!! You got some beautiful shots of the colleges... I'm actually quite jealous, because the view from the River Cam are much better than those from the River Isis, lol (but don't let anyone know that I said that, haha).


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