Italy or bust

I must warn zou, I am tzping on a Swiss kezboard and dont have much time left on the internet, so this will be full of mistakes that I dont plan on correcting. :)

We survived the barn and the hike up the Old Man and decided to rest up for a daz in Cambridge. We did some laundrz, Collin and I got our bank account set up, and we rested our wearz legs. We decided to do some traveling before the school term starts so we bought a rail pass and booked a few cheap hostels and we were off. We spent a few dazs in London and did most of the touristz things: Big Ben, Tower of London, Hzde Park, and attended a service at Westminster Abbez. We ate at a great tapas restaurant in South Kensington for Candice's birthday (yea! happy twenty sixth bear!)... at the restaurant, we met a half-French Italian serving tapas in a Spanish restaurant in London who happened to think that bull-riding was awesome, Justin McBride was a legend, and the movie 8 Seconds was a classic. He was so excited that we were from Oklahoma, he started asking us if we had seen 8 Seconds! Hilarious! (He even offered to give Candice a copy for her birthdaz).

Next, we took the train to Paris. We were true tourists, checking out the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Arc d'Triumphe, the Bastille, and the Seine River-- all in one daz! Our old friend from Bazlor, Cole Casper, now lives in Paris, and we were so happz to see him! We went to a great Creperie and dinner together and then Cole showed us the best place to see the Eiffel Tower at night!

Now we are in Interlaken, Swityerland and loving the beautiful Alps! Todaz we went canyoning- which consists of making our waz down a river in a canzon by climbing, jumping, sliding, or repelling down through rocks and waterfalls. It was beautiful and the water was freeying! What an experience. Sadlz, we dont have anz pictures of the canzoning adventure... however, we are going paragliding tomorrow, and we should have plentz of pictures to show of that. We are going to be here a few more dazs and then we are off to Italz (I think).

We will post some pictures on Facebook or here when we can... this computer cant handle all the demands we are making of it right now. :)

Peace and grace to zou all. Love.


  1. Seriously, I enjoyed this update so much more - infinitely more - because of the typos. I loved that it sounded like you were "talking wiz ze auztrian and sviss accent...." hilarious!

    Sounds like you are having lots of fun. Cant wait to hear more! Love you! tiff

  2. I agree with Tiff. :) I loved this post. I am so glad you got to see Cole in his "natural environment" in Paris! What fun! :) Happy birthday, Candice! Love you!

  3. I hope that ya'll are doing well! I just watched your video on the Lake district and am a little jeleous! I can't wait to hear more!


    -Sic'EM Bears!

  4. Just wanted you both to know that you are the cause of a less productive planning period for my team! My team teachers are just as bad as I am about having to "catch up" with the Bullards! We enjoy reading your blogs and watching your videos. (Much more enjoyable than grading stacks of papers.) Thanks for allowing us to travel with you. Love you both!


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