No Keys

3 September, 2009 – Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport

Think about what's on your key ring right now. You probably have a house key/apt. key, maybe an office key, car key (two car keys?), keyless entry 'clicker,' desk key, parents'/friends' house key, church key, bike lock key, storage shed key, and the all-important padlock key to open your shotgun and nunchuck case. There's also the obligatory little trinket with a bible verse engraved on it or something really cheesy (I mean… cool) like that.

I'm sitting in the airport right now, strangely aware that I don't have any keys in my pocket. I always have keys in my pocket… no matter where I go, that's where I keep them. Whenever they're not there, my mind immediately starts to race about where I put my keys. Did I put them in Candice's purse? The secret chamber in my spy shoes? Sometimes when I travel I put them in my backpack, maybe they're in there… then I realize… I don't have any keys. I don't have a house, car, office, desk, church, bike lock, storage shed, or gun case padlock key. Not one. I'm helpless to open anything except a cold Dr. Pepper (with a key, that is… with my spy training, I don't really need keys to open doors).

It's weird to think about what this symbolizes: keys are what people use to lock up their stuff. When you don't have any stuff; you don't need any keys. And right now… all (most) of our stuff is packed in four large bags headed for London.

There's no way I could begin to appreciate all that this means or implies for our lives at this point. They say that youth is wasted on the young… and that's probably true. When I'm older and I can look back on this moment… I'll probably smile and say, "I had no idea what a great gift that really was." Life is a gift, and, for now, all I can say: "Thank you."


  1. Hope you guys are traveling safely or already there and sleeping! :) It was a sad realization yesterday that you were moving. I can't wait to read about all your new experiences.

  2. That's so crazy to think about. I can't imagine how hard it was to get everything down to four bags...

    I hope you guys are getting settled, and that everything about unpacking is going splendidly! Also, get ready, because Jen G. and I are preparing to write you all tons of letters! <3 and miss you both!

  3. By the way, how does it feel living in the future?


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