Why yes, my dog's name is London, that's why he's so awesome

If my last name were London (as in Collin Blake London), then I'm pretty sure I would become even more indestructible... although, I'm pretty sure I would become terribly expensive at the same time. The amazingness of this city is that you love her even though she took all your money.

We had a great London experience... we had great weather, saw all the sights, hopped on an off the open-top tour buses, and stayed in a very questionable hostel. This was our first experience with the 12-person dorm style hostel room: strange, hairy people coming in and out of the room all night and getting into the bed that's four inches from yours and only separated by a 1/2 inch plywood partition that runs half the length of the bed... awesome. If you wanted to shower, you go out into the hall and find one of the closets they had converted to shower stalls, and if you need a towel, you can get one for free at the front desk (in exchange for one pound).

For the rest of our trip, you'll have to sit through another video. If you've enjoyed watching our videos and would like to give a little something to the cause, we are accepting donations in the form of Jiffy Cornbread Mix.

Also, please leave comments... we love reading them.


  1. I'm just commenting because I'm on a break from class and I love that you love them. Even though I can't watch your (probably fairly long) video right now because of the aforementioned class.... :) Love you!

  2. So I've caught up on my blog reading and your videos! LOVE THEM!

    First.. the sheep expletives video cracked me up
    Second... jealous of your weather!
    Third... glad you are having marvelous adventures and sharing them in this venue
    Forth... I LOVE COOL RUNNINGS!!!! we are the Jamaican bobsled team :) and that scene makes me sad too. Why can't he live in the palace?!

    I enjoy your posts! :) :)

  3. Awesome. :) These videos make me miss you even more. :( Thanks for sharing your view of the world. Your video quality is awesome! :) Do you have a Mac?

  4. I love the subtitles in the video-- especially the recap of the waiter! Hysterical!

  5. All the comments made me go back and watch the video now that I'm out of class. My favorite parts: Candice in the map and then Collin explaining that its a reference to Friends. :) Also, that a random Britan walked by and said Happy Birthday to Candice. And the subtitles throughout.

    Good show, mates!

  6. Ok, this may be mean, but the French in me is very happy that Candice stepped on a map of Londres (that's the French way of saying London)! I was happy to see the video because you had already told me about it when you came to Paris! Oh and Candice told me today on Skype that ya'll would be coming back to Paris soon! You are being held acountable for that promise! Collin, I'm not going to lie, I found a crêpe place better than the one at which we ate! You have to go there with me! It is SO good that there is often a line to get in! Keep the videos coming! I'm waiting my début!


    -Sic'EM Bears!

  7. First to Carrie, no, I don't have a mac, I just have an awesome video camera (even though youtube makes me reduce the quality WAY down when I upload).

    Next, to Cole, let me just say, the way to get us to come to Paris quickly is to keep telling me about awesome Crepe places.

  8. I think my favorite was the whole bit about the multi ethnic waiter in a Spanish restaurant. Nice.
    And Happy birthday late to you Candice! -the Kuhl's

  9. I have to agree with Tiffani -- that random British person on the side of the road wishing you a happy birthday was definitely amazing! Also, I am loving these videos, so please keep them coming. I am currently working the front desk (at 3AM, lol), and people keep walking in asking me what I'm watching, and then we amass a small crowd, haha.

    Also, as per your request, I shall start up the blogging again... even though I'm not in Oxford anymore. And finally, be expecting a letter soon-ish! :-)

    K, that's all. You are both fabulous, and I look forward to the next installment!


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