We're back!

We made it back on Friday, and I'm sure all of you have been checking everyday wondering, "when are the Bullard's going to post again." Well... here it is, folks.

Before we get to the video goodness, we'd like to thank a few people for making our journey a little more special. First, to the random lady in Cauterets, France, who did not assume we were trying to break into a closed hotel when she passed by us trying to break into a closed hotel. We had forgotten the 4-digit code for the door that the owner gave us so that we would be able to get in on the day they were closed (I think we missed that bit during check-in, since we don't speak French). Anyway, random lady has all the hotel owners on speed dial, so viola! (they really do say this), the door was open in minutes. I was greatly relieved, but also a little disappointed at my failed attempt to break in using only my shoelace, a key, a small stick, and a bumper sticker sized plastic sign. Some people may think I'm joking about that last part... those people don't know me very well.

Secondly, I'd personally like to thank French mama for giving the best full-body massage in the history of post-revolution France (I hear the pre-revolution massages were out-of-this-world). I sincerely hope we meet again, French mama.

Third, we should probably thank the guy at the front desk of our hotel in Paris.
GAFD (guy at front desk): "Oh, I see the reservation... Bullard... that will be 600 Euro."
Me: "No, no... NOOOOO!!!!"
GAFD: "Ummm... okay, you pay 2 Euro."
Me: "Merci"

And finally, I'd like to thank the owner of the Bois Joli Brasserie in France for recommending that I order his special omelette: fried potatoes and onions in a fluffy, but kinda crispy, egg housing. I fell in love that night... and then I devoured the object of my love.

Now that we've finished our whole trip, the plan for the videos is to backtrack a little bit to where we last left off. I believe when you last saw us, we were in the lake district at a barn... so here is day 2 in the lake district. Enjoy!


  1. Collin, I'm sad that your ninja skills failed you this time - but I think that instead we should think that given enough time you would have gotten in, even sans l'assistance de la fille randomme. (without the help of the random women)

    Love your tribute to the french masseuse. Where is Candice's tribute to her Spanish gentleman?

    Your story about the hotel front desk? In a word: Hilarious.

    Love the stories.

  2. Collin, Remember back to your thoughts at DFW: "I'm helpless to open anything except a cold Dr. Pepper (with a key, that is… with my spy training, I don't really need keys to open doors)." I'm disappointed that you had to rely on a random LADY! :)

  3. I love reading your blog and watching your movies! I'm not going to lie, I might have to copy you and have my mom send my camera! I can't wait to see our video in Paris! Ya'll come back to see me ya hear? Next time, you can stay in my new apartment for FREE99!


    -Sic'EM Bears!

  4. In response to Nikki's comment:
    1. Given more time, there's no question that I would have opened the door.
    2. Most of my espionage work has been in the Prague/Berlin areas... so my French door techniques have grown a little dull.
    3. I'm pretty sure random lady was a superspy, and there's no shame in accepting help from a fellow superspy (as long as they're a card carrying member of SNISO [Secret Network of International Superspy Operatives).

  5. Are those pink life vests you guys are rocking ? No offense yall totally pull it off.


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