Wishful thinking

"Um.... Babe, I don't think that's going to fit."
"But it's got to fit. There's no other way!"

2 days 'til take-off.
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  1. I think this is even funnier since its Collin trying to fit HIS shoes into the duffle! Hilarious.

    Isn't this a good opportunity to learn how to live simply?

    (LOL - I'd smack anyone who said that to me, but luckily I live 2000 miles away)

    Love you! Tiff

  2. That is hilarious. :) For me. I'm sure it isn't as funny for you guys. Thanks for allowing us the inside view of your struggles with packing. It makes for great entertainment! :) Praying for you guys today. May God bless you abundantly and provide you with wonderful times with family and friends.

  3. I believe in you Collin! I mean, if you do some rearranging, I'm sure you can squish it into that duffle. :)

    ...still praying.

  4. Well, today is the day, right? Know that you are in my prayers. I know that the next few weeks and months will be wonderful and difficult and confusing. But it is such a blessing striking out on your own with your spouse. I am excited for you guys as you move into your newest adventure in Europe! You sound so cosmopolitan! :) Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I would write my blog just for you too!


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