Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken claims to be the adventure sports capital of the world... so when we rolled into town, we knew we had to try something awesome. The highlights of this trip were threefold:

1. Garrett, Candice, and I decided to go canyoning the first day we were there. We put on wet suits (along with neoprene jackets and shoes), helmets, and harnesses, and we set out toward the mountain. Our guide drives us up the mountain where the river has cut a deep canyon in the rock. The water melts off the glacier at the top of the mountain and the river rushes through these canyons where the rock on either side might be 20 or 30 feet high. So we dropped down into the middle of the canyon, into the freezing cold water, and literally climbed, jumped, repelled, canonballed, and slid down the rock faces, waterfalls, and whirlpools to get to the end of the canyon. It's hard to describe and impossible to video, but it's a lot like white water rafting... without the raft. You'll just have to use your imagination. If you think Candice wimped out and just let the guys take this one... think again. There was a girl on the trip who wimped out when the guide warned us that serious injury would result from jumping anywhere but the very center of the whirlpool that lay 15 feet below the sheer rock face on which we stood... that girl was not Candice.

2. Candice and I decided to go paragliding on the mountain that overlooks the city of Interlaken. Compared to canyoning, this was a walk in the park. It was easier to video too, so you can see it below :).

3. On our last day, we took a trip from Interlaken to Gimmelwald! Gimmelwald is this tiny mountain village that you can only get to by taking a cable car up the mountain. It's beautiful and peaceful... the perfect place for a picnic and a relaxed afternoon. This trip included a short detour into the mountain to see Trummelbach Falls... a series of giant waterfalls that have literally carved their way through the belly of the mountain. They have built a series of tunnels through the rock so you can walk right by all the waterfalls. It doesn't make for great video because it's dark and loud... but you'll get the idea from the clip in the video.

FYI for the video - There is a popular resort town on the other side of the mountain called Grindelwald... everyone thinks you mean Grindelwald when you tell them you're going to Gimmelwald... because no one from the outside is supposed to know about Gimmelwald :)...


  1. Loved it, especially the commentary related to the hang gliding. And also, no one tells a story like Collin. Miss you!

  2. I love reading/watching your posts - I feel like I can go on a mini-vacation while learning about your journeys!!

    Meredith Conrey :)

  3. You tell him Collin, or rather, passively write it on your video for the world to read.

    I LOVE the commentary! :)

  4. Nice touch with the Rich Mullins.

    Siszerlande looks beautiful.


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