You never know what you might be saying...

There are some words that we, being the grown, educated adults that we are, thought we knew. But, oh no, we had no idea. There have been countless times we've been out and about, at church, eating a meal, in a store, that we've both looked at each other, puzzled, saying, "What did they say?" or "What is a ______?"

There are many more that we've come across, but these are just the few that we remembered to write down.

Tramp: not a less-than-reputable lady, but a homeless person
Conditioner: don't put this on your hair folks, it's fabric softener
Woolen jumper: we think this is a sweater, we're still not quite sure
Hen night: a bachelorette party
Knees-up: a party
Jacket potato: a baked potato
Macintosh: not an old, outdated computer, but a thin rain jacket
Waist coat: a vest
Bop: a party with live music or DJ and dancing (not to be confused with a bap [see below])
Pigeon hole: a mail box
Pudding: dessert, in general, as in, "Are we having pudding?" - "Yes, I made some cake."
HOB: stove top/burner
Lolli: sucker, as in, lollipop
Lift: elevator
Garden: they aren't necessarily growing veggies here, it's simply a yard
Crisp: chip, as in Sunchips (they don't have those here, P.S.)
Chips: french fries
Bap: like a hamburger bun (similar to a bop [see above], only without the DJ... and it's your taste buds that do the dancing)
Trousers: pants
Pants: underwear
Surgery: doctor's office... so if we ever say that we went to the surgery, don't worry, nobody cut us open
Bloody: apparently, this is something like damn, which I think is kind of funny
Hoover: this is a vacuum cleaner... it sounds even better when used as a verb, as in, "What's that bloody noise? Are you hoovering in there?"
See you later: this means something like, "I'll definitely see you in the near future, probably in the next 24 hours." I've said see you later to a drive thru cashier before, which, when I said it, meant, "I have no intention of ever seeing you again."
Waste bin: if you ask where the trash can is, they can't tell you, because they don't have them
Toilet/ WC / Loo: restroom/bathroom
Bathroom: room where you bathe, for instance, in the shower or bathtub

That's all we can think of for now... in other news, we've found the silver lining to one of the dark clouds that has been upon us the past few days. As many of you know, the British do not eat cornbread and are, in fact, desperately trying to rid the country of any and all cornbread mix. In addition to this, they are determined to make it as hard as possible for someone to bake a proper muffin (there are no [proper] muffin pans or muffin mixes [blueberry, in particular, would be quite nice] to be found). But, never fear, it takes more than that to get the Bullards down. On the bright side of all of this, we have recently learned how to bake from scratch some very delicious cornbread and even more delicious blueberry muffins. So, in a way, not being able to find a mix in the store has simply forced us to become top chefs. :)

Bye for now...


  1. We've also heard-

    vest: tank top
    university: college because school: elementary school
    yous: y'all
    first floor: america's second floor
    rubber: eraser
    pump: fart (orrey wants acknowledgement for hearing that one)
    she is called: her name is

    Also- we have seen muffin tins up here so we should send you one! What is your address? Or you could up and get one/visit! :)

  2. I will get my mom's cornbread recipe. She makes it in an iron skillet - but bakes it in an oven. Don't know if everyone knows this or not, but it is Biblical I'm sure. "Man CAN live by cornbread alone, but is even better with red beans, taters and fresh onions and tomatoes."

    I knew a few of the terms. Keep em coming.

  3. that is freakin' (i don't even want to know what THAT word means over there...) hilarious!! i LOL'd!!!!!:)

  4. Clearly y'all all need to watch more Richard Curtis movies (Love Actually, Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral) because your British vocab will SKYROCKET! Much of the language you posted can be found in those flicks and much much more. That is your next assignment. (ok, and also "The Wedding Date" though he did not write/direct it)

    Love you! Tiff

  5. Tiffani beat me to it. I was going to suggest The Wedding Date and Notting Hill! Too funny!

  6. I was going to say this reminded me of Noises Off! Loved this list :) So, you told us how you outsmarted the lack of muffin mixes, but how did you overcome the lack of muffin pans? --kelleigh

  7. Oooh, good idea on the movies!

    Kel- we just put some muffin papers in a regular dish... it pretty much turned into one giant blob of blueberries... but who can complain about that?! :)

  8. I love it! I am proud of your ingenuity! Some other terms that are a little different in the states? Fag and bummer. :)

  9. That is FUNNY! Oh my gosh. So is there some funny word for the hood of a car?

    Anyway, hope you're still doing well! Blessings,


  10. Right! I forgot... the 'boot' is the trunk of the car, and the hood is the 'bonnet'... which is just weird.

  11. Haha, I knew a lot of these, because whatever I didn't know before this past summer, I had to learn pretty quickly -- bin as trash can was one I remember being particularly confusing, lol.


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