A personal tour of Desk #49

Click on the image to increase the size :)
Hope you enjoyed it! Love.


  1. Love the desk tour! Its about time we were more properly introduced to #49 since he (she?) will be your truest companion, second only to Candice, over the next few years. Lord knows, I have posted enough pictures of my apartment workstation. :)

    my favorite part is that you are now next to a winder (that's how they say window, right?). Nice to have a view!

    Love y'all!

  2. I suggest using Brian's chair (of course, only when he's not there) (provided I'm not already using it) as a footstool instead of the basket. Never tell him I said that.

  3. I don't think I would call it 'a view'... but way to go on the positive thinking y'all!


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