Sidgwick Avenue

Sometimes you take for granted what is all around you. I am really trying not to do that. This is one of the streets that we cycle on an almost daily basis; it’s one of my favorites right now because of the trees :).


  1. Beautiful! :) I love fall foliage! I also think it looks very romantic and pastoral there. :)

  2. If something looks pastoral, does it have a comforting bedside manner? Does it speak softly and spiritually? Does it ask you to pray with it at the end of the conversation? :) Just kidding... I think I know what you mean. And yes, the fall colors do, in a way, speak softly and tenderly to the soul.

  3. This reminds me very much of something we talked about in FYS freshman year, about being aware of the miracles that are all around one. I feel like this picture definitely captures one of those miracles -- God is such an artist!!! :-)


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