A Tribute

Here’s another tribute to chocolate chip cookies. Lately I’ve been having trouble when baking cookies. The new UK ingredients are throwing me off and I haven’t quite gotten used to an oven that has a fan in it. The problem is that the cookies come out of the oven extremely flat; there’s hardly any puff at all. Since I’m so accomplished in the ways of chocolate chip cookies, I know that 1) if you add more egg, the cookies will be more cake-like (puffier); 2) if you use shortening instead of butter, the cookies won’t spread as thin; and 3) using baking powder instead of soda will give it more rise. I did all of this, but I’m still a little disappointed in the result. The frustrating thing is that I’m using the exact same recipe that I used in Waco, where my cookies were perfect! Any advice would be welcome. I cannot rest until I’ve perfected my cookies in the UK.

Nonetheless, I still love cookies, so I made this tribute in honor of the chocolate chip cookie. The hardest part was deciding which music to put with it; I think I chose wisely :).


  1. I see the title on my google reader: "A Tribute" and of course click immediately wondering what you could be writing a tribute about today....
    and was not disappointed.

    Collin. you are hilarious, and your cookie tribute video made me laugh out loud. At the same time, I agree that a good chocolate chip cookie totally puts one in the way of remembering God's goodness and as such, the song is perfect.

    Love y'all.

  2. As someone who has tasted your British chocolate chip cookies, I must tell everyone that you do have quite an impressive recipe figure out!


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