German Christmas Markets

This weekend we took a cheap flight with some friends to Frankfurt, Germany, and we drove to a small town on the Mosel river called Enkirch. Enkirch is basically a tiny village where we found a cheap, awesome vacation house to share with our friends. From here, we've been driving in the amazing VW Multivan we rented to different towns in the region that have good Christmas markets.

German Christmas markets are fun because there is lots of sausage, fried potatoes, waffles, mini pancakes, roasted candied almonds and hazlenuts, and other goodies like Gluhwein, which is wine that's been mulled with spices like cider (very good). Of course, they also sell things that aren't food, but they are much less interesting :).
Here are some pictures from the journey so far...

Pam, Candice, and Nikki :)

Candice and her new hat! Too cute!

An awesome advent calendar on the side of a building... what a great idea!

Me, Nikki, Eric, Pam, & Kyle (and Candice too)... enjoying some Gluhwein in the cold weather.

Charming, isn't it.

The Bullards


  1. This may be dumb, but it is weird to me that places in the world actually look like that. It's so quaint and picture book-y! I love it!


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