Cambridge 800th Anniversary

As many of you may know, Cambridge was founded in 1209, and January 18(?), 2009 marked the beginning of Cambridge University’s 800th year.  This means that January 18th, 2010 marked the end of the 800th anniversary… to honor the occasion, the University decided to put on a light show, which is the only logical thing to do. It turned out to be really cool, better than a Billy Idol concert, but not quite Stevie Nicks if you know what I’m sayin’. They basically projected flowing images onto some of the more famous buildings around Kings College. There were images of some historic Cambridge students, quotes, thesis titles, the current research in nanotechnology, and other things that look cool on buildings. Here are some pics from the event:


  1. I was totally just thinking to myself the other day, "Self, what are you going to do for your 800th 'anniversary' (providing you live that long even though the bible says you won')?" and I answered myself "Have a light show." Isn't that weird. Even more weirdly, I thought that I'd probably put the latest research in nanotechnology in the show. seriously, I think I have ESPN or something....

    Anyway, cool photos. :)

  2. You stole my blog idea! And your pictures are better.


  3. Ok, those pictures are actually really legit! I feel as though Baylor should do that, if it ever manages to reach it's 800th anniversary.


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