Do what you’ve gotta do

This is a picture of a recently empty bottle of balsamic vinegar (aceto balsamico for my culinary minded friends). We go through quite a bit of balsamic vinegar, because we typically dip bread in it when we have baguettes with dinner, which is very often (or at least more often than I bathe).

The wonderful concoction inside this bottle, however, as you might be able to tell, is not Balsamic vinegar. It is, in fact, something very different. It is homemade, and its ingredients feature some of the more famous names in the ingredient world: Tabasco, Worcestershire, and the superstar, Bourbon. That’s right folks… I made my own barbecue sauce tonight, and it was a beautiful thing. Candice got me a BBQ recipe book for Christmas, and I’ve been busy making from scratch a marinade and BBQ sauce. I bought ribs today from a butcher nearby and I’m marinating them overnight… yum. Then I’ll baste them in the BBQ sauce every 30 minutes while I cook them… double yum.

Anyway, after cooking the BBQ sauce until it was just thick enough to coat your tongue with heavenly goodness, I needed an appropriate receptacle for my UK Masterpiece. So I chose this. Not bad, I thought. But how am I going to get this into the fridge? You see, our fridge is dorm-sized, and we got a HUGE grocery order delivered today… so it’s packed.

What would you do? Your staring at a fridge that literally won’t hold another thing. You could try to reorganize, but your wife has already done that today, and there’s not a square inch of wasted space.

I did what any sensible person would do… I grabbed the orange juice box and started drinking. Then when I had had enough… I did what any genius person would do. I poured the rest in a glass and brought it to my wife, saying, “Here, honey, I thought you might like something to drink while you watch Project Runway.”

And wouldn’t you know it… the OJ carton left just the right amount of space for me to slip in “Bullard’s Bourbon BBQ Brilliance.”


  1. I love it. :) Your BBQ sounds awesome, Collin!

  2. I feel very honored to have personally tasted "Bullard's Bourbon BBQ Brilliance"... have you thought about putting your logo on the BBQ sauce bottles? Could be a big seller, I'm telling ya...


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