Leg 6: Jet Lag

So apparently, you can fly to England in a matter of hours but it takes days for your body to figure out where you are and then slowly meander its way across the Atlantic to meet you in England. For example, my body (let's call it, Steve) is used to eating dinner at around 7-8pm... well, when I go to sleep at 11pm, Steve wakes me up at 2am wondering where dinner is. You see, Steve is still on Oklahoma time, and he assumes that I just went down for an afternoon nap, so he wants to wake me up at dinner time (8pm/2am) and then keep me up until he thinks its time for sleep again (midnight/6am). If you're confused, it basically means that I can't get any sleep between the hours of 2am and 6am because Steve doesn't have his sh*# together!

Another thing, you know that feeling you get if you have to wake up really early in the morning... like when you get up to catch a flight or something and it's 4am and you just feel nauseated and lightheaded? Well, when it's time to get up, start the day, and have your bowl of frosted mini-wheats at 9am, Steve starts to feel like he's gonna puke, saying, "Gal dern, man, whatd'ya think yer doin' eatin' cereal at three in the mornin'!" And then I say, "Catch up, bloke, we're in bloody England and you can't talk like that here!"

I've tried to medicate, but there's no fooling Steve. He doesn't care how much Nyquil you've had; he just wants to eat when it's time to eat and sleep when it's time to sleep. And so do I for Pete's sake... SO! DO! I!


  1. I like Steve's attitude and accent. :) I completely know what you mean about jet lag. There is no way around it...it sucks...bad. Praying that you guys readjust easily.

    Sorry we missed each other during this visit. We look forward to trying to see y'all on your next visit!

  2. I think you've had two different blog looks just today alone, which means the jet lag has really set in! Stop putzing around on the computer and get into bed you night owl!

    LOL! Praying for your bodies to adjust!
    Love you! Tiff

  3. make that three.

    I like this one - pussywillows!

  4. Have you tried a pint of beer, preferably Guinness? Your friend Steve might like it and you just might get some sleep.


  5. For the record, I only changed the background ONCE! :) This background truly depicts the feeling in Cambridge right now: grey.


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