Oklahoma Christmas 2009! Part 2

We have spent a ton of time with family and friends in the past few weeks. Here are some quick highlights:

It snowed (a lot) in Ardmore on Christmas Eve and our nephews Dalton and Rylan REALLY wanted to build a snowman. This was actually a few days later, so there wasn't a ton of snow left, but Uncle Collin gave it his best shot!

We went to Idabel to see my Daddy and his side of the family. We had a great time visiting, eating Tex-Mex(!), and playing wii!
These few pics are at my Mom's parents house. It is tradition to spend Christmas Eve together, which always involves lots of food, tons of kids, and catching up with family we haven't seen in a while. The pic above is of my oldest sister and her two girls, Kaitlin and Cassidy. The pic below is with my younger sister Baylee.

Above is with my cousin Nikki (teacher-extraordinaire / crafty-chef / travel-buddy). Below is my sister Cara and her daughter Makenzie. Love these two!

Above is niece Shariden... sad I don't have one of her sweet smile! Below is of three nephews who seem to like each other a lot in this photo!

As our trip to Oklahoma draws to a close, we're very thankful for all the time we've gotten to spend with family. I think we're ready to be back at home in Cambridge, which is good because we leave on Friday. It's tough to time a trip perfectly, but I think we've stayed the perfect number of days: plenty of time to see everyone, not so short that you're not ready to leave, and long enough to get a little bit restless to be back in your own bed. That way, when it's time to get on the plane, you can say, "It was good to be back, but it's time to go home."


  1. I made the blog!! I hope the next time I'm your travel buddy you are showing me around the UK! I loved getting to see you guys and chatting over a good bowl of chili Christmas Eve. Thanks for the encouraging words you gave me! Love you both!


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