Other people

Not much is going on these days. As you can tell, there haven't been many 'blog-worthy' happenings in the past week. So I'll just take this time to comment on some things that are happening to other people:

1. A girl named Maggie Dixon from Edmond, Oklahoma, just paid $14,401 for the original, recently-replaced interview table from The Colbert Report. Congratulations Maggs, and thanks for getting Oklahoma some good face time on national TV. Also, since the money went to help Haiti, thanks again for supporting a good cause.

2. I guess I should say a general "Congratulations" to everyone we know who is pregnant, which seems like everyone. Thanks for doing your part to help America catch China in the population race.

3. iGlad to see Apple's new iPad, but then iSad that iHad no money. iMad at Steve Jobs, but you know iBad, cuz iClad in some iPlaid pants that make me look iRad. Now iSad again that iSaid that. iNeed help.

4. Just for the record, people, Obama didn't use teleprompters to speak to a sixth-grade class. He spoke to the sixth-grade class without anything, then went into another part of the school to make a media statement with the teleprompters. Still, the statement that "Obama used teleprompters in a sixth-grade classroom" is still true, and that looks pretty silly.

5. Our friend Abby said that she and her husband have recently "raked the garden" (whatever that really means... I don't want to know).


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