7 Feb 2010

Dear diary,

Today was a pretty good day. Candice and I got up this morning to go to church, and I made us some English Muffins (except, of course, over here they simply call them muffins). Candice had a little bit of blackberry jam and lots of peanut butter on hers, while I like to mix peanut butter and lots of honey together before smearing the concoction onto my muffin. We were both sad that we had no orange juice.

You know how you sometimes find a sweater that you really like but had forgotten about because it's been at the bottom of the pile for so long. Well that's what happened to me this morning. I really like my green, argyle, merino wool sweater, but I'd forgotten about it, and I wore it to church today. It felt good. I felt good.

I would have looked nicer in my argyle sweater had it not been for the birds' nest that is currently perched atop my head. My hair is longer that it's been since probably the mid 90's, when all the cool kids were wearing it long like Nirvana.

I like the guy who preached at church this morning. He's a bishop and he is very relaxed in his manner and has a voice that's very easy to listen to. He preached on Nehemiah. I asked Candice if she thought Nehemiah and I would have gotten along very well together, she said, "I don't know, honey... probably... yeah." She could see that I wanted her to say yes. She's very sweet.

We had a chat with some new friends after church today. They came to dinner on Friday night with another couple and we had a great time. Candice and I cooked ricotta and sage stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in prosciutto... yum. Then we made blueberry crisp with double cream ice cream, and my life will never be the same.

Next, Candice and I had lunch with our good friend Sarah at her new flat... it was nice to have lunch with friends... I vented to Candice and Sarah about my bad mood and generally gray outlook on life this morning. The weather might be affecting me a little... I could use some sunshine.

Speaking of sunshine... Candice has officially begun her full-time position at the church, and her picture was in the bulletin this morning, complete with a shout out to Oklahoma and a list of things that Candice likes: travelling, cooking, and sunshine... she's very funny.

After lunch, we came home, watched a friends episode, and fell right to sleep. After the nap, my outlook on life was a little brighter... probably because Candice made me a really good grilled cheese with tomato soup. Also, tonight we get to do one of my favorite things: order groceries online! It's very fun... and we're very fun.

If anyone's keeping track of our days with giant columns labeled "good" and "bad"... first of all, thank you for doing that, it's very helpful... and secondly, be sure to put 7 Feb 2010 in the "good" column.


  1. You guys make me smile. :)

    Also, I gave you a blog award. Check it out!


  2. Duly noted. Next to Sunday, February 7, I have ticked the box marked 'good'. ;-)


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