An Experiment

Sooooo…. things are starting to get out of control. I really didn’t intend for things to go this far. At first, it started out as a little bit of laziness.
“I’ll cut it next week,” I would say. But after the laziness phase wore off… I started to think that maybe it was really cool. Maybe if I let it go a little longer, I could make some sort of cool fashion statement like Patrick Jane in the Mentalist.

And then I started to think that maybe I couldn’t be fashionable, but perhaps if it got longer still, I could really express something about who I was.
You know, something like, “I’m not just your average Ph.D. student… I’m street… a low-down gangsta set trippin’ bangah.”

And now I think I’ve just hit the worst stage… sheer morbid curiosity. I really don’t want to cut it… not because I like it so much… but because I’m really curious about what might possibly happen if my hair continues to get bigger and bigger. I mean, think about it like this… I have already stopped sleeping on a pillow at night because of the sheer bulk of the fro. I don’t need to wear a hat outside to keep warm anymore. Aren’t you the least bit curious? I mean, the day may come when carrying an umbrella becomes totally unnecessary.


  1. The last picture makes me think that you could put on white face paint and make some money at a McDonalds...

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  3. I love you but lets face it..... that hair is out of control. You're gonna have to start using massive product or developing dred locks. I'm up for either option - or a cut. What do you think?

  4. Ok, I'll be the first to be pro this experiment! I am curious, as well, so at least you have found one supporter. :-)

  5. I am also a fan of this look. I think that might be partly because it reminds me of jared's hair. you two could have a competition and see who could go the longest without a cut. :)

  6. Hey man, not all of us actually get to grow hair on our head. So I am living vicariously through you. Keep it going! :)


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