March 1

Ten cool things about today (in the order I thought of them):

1. I would like to start by giving a huge happy birthday hug to my friend, Ronald Bilius Weasley, who turns 30(!) today. Also, Ron, if you’re reading this… tell Hermione I said hi <wink>.

2. Happy birthday to American film director, actor, and producer Ron Howard, who turns 56 today. For all you fans out there, I’d like to say a big fat ‘Your Welcome’ on behalf of the state of Oklahoma. Howard was born in Duncan, Oklahoma, where my grandparents also happen to live :).

3. And even though we had a huge fight the last time we spoke, I would still like to say to my friend: Happy Birthday, Ke$ha, I got your voicemail, and I think we should put the past behind us too.

4. It seems like long ago when we would all get together and dream the dream that we called ‘Texas’. 174 years ago on this day delegates met in Washington-on-the-Brazos to declare their independence from Mexico and draft the constitution of the new Republic of Texas: Happy 174th birthday, Republic of Texas. (If you’re saying to yourself, “Wait, the Republic of Texas doesn’t exist anymore…” – you must not be from Texas).

5. Happy 229th birthday to the first constitution of the USA, the Articles of the Confederation. (Too bad for America tonight, though… the Canada Schmanadas played very well.)

6. Is it weird that I’m older in the UK? In this country, I’m 26… but in America, I’m still only 25. Wait, did I just invent time travel? I’m on fire today!

7. Other cool things about March 1: it’s Beer Day in Iceland, ‘share a smile day’ in the US, and St. David’s day in Wales.

8. And I think I’d be remiss if I didn’t say happy birthday to Kim Reding, Katie Conrad, and Chase Mordy, my long time birthday twins: Happy Birthday!

9.  March 1, 2010 will probably go down in history as the night the Bullard’s served the best chocolate chip cookies and guacamole to some of the nicest people in the CB3 postcode.

10. No matter how great my birthday might be, the fact of the matter is that Candice trumps all of those… she shares a birthday with none other than Jason Bourne.


  1. Happy birthday, Collin!!! I hope you have a fabulously Britishly celebratory day!(Also, #4 makes me laugh. "You must not be from Texas...")

  2. Happy Birthday, Mr. Collin!


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