Weekend in London

Let’s go back in time to catch up on a fun weekend from not so long ago…

On Valentine’s weekend, Candice and I decided it would be a good time to get out of town and head to London. Naturally, as per the spirit of the day, our intent was to fan the flame of our love, to rediscover the magic… and like everyone else, we were hoping to rediscover the magic over a nice, expensive dinner.

We got online to decide where we would eat, and I quickly found that of the 1700 restaurants in London, there were only about three that had an available reservation for Saturday night… this may be a bit exaggerated, but the point is that it was slim pickins (“Nothing, huh?” “No, Slim Pickins, it’s a BBQ joint.” <obligatory Friends reference>)

We really like Tapas, and when we found a place we thought would be good, they only had a 5pm or a 10:45pm reservation… reluctantly, we went with the 5pm slot.

The good news is, not only was the food awesome, wonderful, amazing, and not terribly expensive, but the 5pm slot turned out to be the perfect time because we ended up getting theater tickets to go see Les Mis at 7:30! Magic, consider yourself re.dis.cov.ered :).

So if you’re looking for a nice Tapas meal in London, might I recommend Dehesa [Matt & Tiffani pay attention, you might be going there with us].

Also, if you’re looking for a good musical to see, look no further than Les Mis… we both loved it! It’s pretty freakin’ inspirational. Plus, I managed to get a shot of the theater with some sneaky camera work so the camera-nazi-usher didn’t see me and scream at me… not so lucky was the guy sitting a couple of rows behind me, he was trying to be covert and took a picture with the flash! Dead giveaway… c’mon people, rookie mistake!

Overall, I’d say it was a perfect day in London… we were pretty happy :)


  1. Amber and I went to see Les Mis when we met up in London this summer. It was fantastic!!!! We bought our tickets the day of, so we had the crappy restricted view seats, but it didn't even matter, because I still cried.

    Anyway, I'm glad you both had an awesome Valentine's Day!

  2. Looking forward to the British Tapas experience for sure.

    I didn't realize Les Mis was on V-Day. So fun. It is my favorite musical - I have the soundrack on my Ipod because I'm a nerd, but I love almost every single song. Anyway, so glad you enjoyed it! Another reason why we are BFFs.


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