5 tips for surviving a move to the UK

1. Bite the bullet and buy new clothes. And I don't mean girly dresses and sassy heels, ladies. I mean a parka. Rain boots. A waterproof jacket, gloves, trousers. Let me tell you, the waterproof trousers are pretty hott. If you don't believe that you will need all of this 'gear', go ahead, make the move with only your central Texas wardrobe of tank tops and flip flops and we'll see how quickly you run crying for a shipment from REI.

2. Decide on your expectations of a place to live. Think of what is non-negotiable... what you absolutely, positively have to have. Now take those expectations and just throw them out of the window. Yep, just chunk them out. Don't worry, you'll find a place that is just fine, but it won't meet your lofty (and probably ridiculous) expectations.

3. Save, beg, borrow, and hoard money. A lot of it. What's that you say? You have enough for the first year? You're getting a grant that will help out? Uh huh, good luck with that. Moving to and living in the UK is expensive... there's just no getting around it.

4. Be willing to eat, travel, and hang out with random people you've only met once or twice in random locations, introduced to you by other random people that you don't really know either. The fact of the matter is this: moving to another country (or anywhere, really) can be a lonely experience. It takes a long time for a place to feel like 'home'. Lower your expectations and try to have some fun.

5. Grow out your hair. There are multiple benefits to this endeavour: a) It's warmer. Let's be honest, it's blasted freezing in this country and having a thick, long 'do couldn't hurt. b) It's entertaining. Do you know how many crazy hair pictures you can take before it's not funny any more? A lot. 


  1. I love it when I am not sure which of you (of if both) wrote the post. I love it, and I think I will have to write an equivalent post (well, comment actually) about the move to LA.

    1) Bite the Bullet and buy all skimpy clothes and Ugs. Ugs are ugly, you say? Yes, but your feet and calves will be warm while your thighs freeze, so it is totally worth it.

    2) Decide on your expectations of a place to live and then realize, you will have to be a millionaire in order to live in Los Angeles with those expectations, unless your only expectation is that you have a door with a lock. Seriously, your apartment may not even come with a refrigerator, but that's OK because most people just eat out. Leading to...

    3) Save, beg, borrow and hoarde money. People say that California is the second most expensive place in the world... next to England.

    4) Be willing to do everything with total strangers, well, actually "with" is a misnomer, mostly you'll do things alone, but strangers will be there, too. So its sort of like you're 'with' them. Get used to being a little bit lonely - its the big city, you can't be a wimp and survive.

    5) Grow your hair out - or cut it short - or get bangs - well, mostly just pick up a fashion magazine and whatever hair the cover model/celeb is doing, do it. Unless you can't afford a $60 haircut, then go back to growing it out.

    As I was writing - its so hilarious how much the UK is like LA!!! Hope you enjoyed my 5 tips. :)

  2. Haha, these are awesome! I will totally have to remember them for that one fabulous day when I, too, move to the UK.

    P.S. I'm with Tiffani on this one, I can't tell which of you wrote this post either, lol!

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  4. Yes to No. one. I don't even bring my Texas spring/summer wardrobe. I left them at Will's beach house or divided them amongst the sister in laws.

    Yes to No. two. Hi Mold.

    Yes to No. three. Umm, no you aren't going to get a Overseas Research Grant, even if you try.


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