1. Yesterday we had a really pleasant visit with some friends who were coming to explore Cambridge as a PhD option. Shout out to Brent & Aline Thomason… we grew up with Brent, who now lives in Germany and is getting a master’s degree in Belgium. How awesome is that! Sadly, they could only stay one night… we miss having people around, and it seems like everyone has left Cambridge for Easter break!

2. The initials for Candice & Collin are CC… the initials for Chocolate Chip are also CC… coincidence? I think not. (Sadly, we’re missing the Cookie… perhaps one day we’ll complete the parallel). In any case, we made some really good cookies recently… this time I tried using dark brown sugar and it gave them a nice maple flavour.

3. I wore bright red socks today, and they make me feel like I could jump really high… I was scared to try it, though… they are, after all, really red.

4. Candice thinks the above sentence is a little (okay, a lot) ridiculous… her comments are duly noted.

5. I’m really sad that the Baylor Bears lost to Duke last night. It was an exciting game right to the end, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. The Lady Bears play Duke tonight… Sic ‘em!!!

6. The weather was not cool today. Just when you think it’s Spring, the rain and clouds come back… the cherry blossoms are nice, though.

7. We’re really grateful for all the people who have loved and supported us through the years… we wouldn’t be who we are today (for better or worse) without you.

The End.


  1. regarding chocolate chip cookies.... do they say chocolate chip biscuits over there? 'cause that sounds really weird.

  2. so hilarious that Candice commented on your sock comment - because it wasn't until after I read the sock comment that I knew it was you, Collin, writing this post and not my friend Candice. I mean, for a minute I thought, "well, Candice might have written it, but its pretty out there - I mean its out there" and then it was clear it was you. But it is not out there for you, it is as expected.
    Miss you both and think you are both equally entertaining in your ways.
    Also, resist the spell check and just spell your words the way you want to - like "favorite".... otherwise you are going to be socialized into the King's English and then how will that look when you return.
    (just kidding, it will look and be AWESOME when you return and have British accents and write your words funny - you keep it up you crazy kids)

    Finally, are you going to name all your kids with "C"s?

  3. Just FYI, a group of us are sitting at the front desk right now reflecting on your obsession with chocolate chip cookies, awesome frollicking abilities, comments (albethey ridiculous) about red socks, and the fact that PovSim makes you act like you're five years old. Also, we are missing you both terribly! Hope everything is going well for you both!!!

  4. To Nate: they do call cookies in general 'biscuits', but they understand something about Chocolate Chip Cookies... only Americans make them properly :) - so they call them cookies.

    To Tiff: I love you too :), and yes, there is a possibility that all our kids could be named with C's... it is, after all, the best letter.

    To Jen & Friends: I miss you all terribly, and I can't believe you are up so late on a Monday night?! It's like 3am there... pace yourselves, you've still got the whole week in front of you. I hope all is well at Brooks... give DVH a Bear hug for me :).

  5. I would just like to weigh in on this conversation and say that we may name a kid or two with C names, but no, we will not be like the Duggars who named all 19 of their kids with J names, which, in my opinion, is taking the concept entirely TOO FAR. :)


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