Candice is not here :(

There are probably two kinds of people reading this right now, and I’d hate to stereotype by generalizing about who might fall into each camp, so I’ll just address them as John and Jane respectively. First, some background… then, to John and Jane.

Background: Candice went to a conference this week in Chicago. The conference is for Student Affairs professionals, and most of Candice’s colleagues, professors, and grad-school friends will be in attendance. I am very glad that she went. I am very sad that she’s gone

To John: You’re probably thinking that I should be enjoying the time when Candice is away, because I can watch cool action movies, or go eat Chinese food, or basically do whatever I want. Well, John, the only problem with this kind of reasoning is that it sucks. You see, you’re first assumption is that when Candice is here, I am somehow not free to do whatever I want. This is false. The fact is that when Candice is here, I pretty much get to do whatever I want, especially since the majority of what I want is to spend time with Candice. So you see, at the moment, I am not free to do pretty much the only thing that I want to do, which is to see Candice. Eating Chinese food is a small consolation (worth it, but small).

To Jane: You might be thinking that whenever you leave John, he gets together with all the other Johns, and they play poker and act disgusting. This is probably the case. But it doesn’t mean that John isn’t really sad that you’re gone. He is. After all, John may really like all the other Johns, but he definitely does not want to see their ugly mugs when he wakes up in the morning.

Blogging about things like this is really tough to do without digging a huge hole for yourself, which I have done plenty of times. So I think I’ll leave it at that. Let’s just say that this week will be alright and the Chinese food will be good, but it’s a sad thing to see an empty pillow on the bed.


  1. Collin, you're so sweet. Marc is exactly the same way when I'm gone. Who am I kidding? I'm pretty miserable when he's gone too. I hope her return is safe and speedy!

  2. I don't know if I'm like "Jane" - I wasn't really thinking those things, but I do like how much you like to be with your wife. You two are like Yin and Yang. And trust me - even though we had a good time - she really missed you a lot. You were ever present with us!


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