Candice and I have been itching to get out and do something in this awesome weather we’ve had, so today we decided to go to a small village near Cambridge called Grantchester. It’s not very far, just about a mile and a half down the river. They even have a public footpath through the fields along the river, so you can enjoy the scenery as you walk.

When we got there, we saw two places to eat: The Green Man or The Red Lion. Apparently these were the only options since The Blue Dog and The White Witch are closed on Sundays. We chose The Red Lion and ate outside under the sun – Awesome! I had coconut shrimp – Double Awesome! Then we took a nap in the grass by the river while laying on Candice’s blue snuggie – the.Awesome.just.keeps.on.coming.

Here’s the picture summary: It was so quiet and peaceful, just me,…

… Candice,…

… and the beautiful countryside.

Oh yeah… and the red phone booth was there too.

And, no, this is not a fake picture. There really was a red phone booth in the middle of the woods… “how now brown cow…” Anyone? (I’ll be surprised if anyone but Jared Johnson picks up on that one)

Love to everyone… I miss you terribly… we made beans and cornbread tonight… it always makes me think of home.


  1. I think that little red phonebooth in the middle of the countryside is one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen.

  2. Wow! Looks like a place that I would love to have a picnic! Miss you guys!


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