What would happen if…

So the other day, Candice said to me, “Your hair is so awesome…” except, what she really said was, “Your hair makes you look like a clown.” (Think: big red wig).

I feel like the hour is near… something must be done soon… but not just yet. I don’t think I’m ready to let go of it yet.

Today, I’m not going to show you more ridiculous pictures of the thing on my head that Candice likes to call “the hovercraft.”

Instead, I’m going to show you what happened after Candice said, “Let’s see what it would look like if I straightened it.” I was hesitant at first… then I thought, “what the hell… you only live once, right?” [Scroll down for the transformation moment]







  1. DUDE! This is the thing legends are made of! Miss you guys like crazy! Oh and I was in Houston for Spring break, yes with the lady friend, and came across a big bottle of Orangina... Just made me smile...


  2. Seems like an attempt to be Bon Jovi. Miss you guys!

  3. You look like a rock star! But, that sounds like a lot of work every day...

  4. get a fo hawk might be kinda cool having a curly hawk just saying

  5. You should google when/where the casting call for the next 'Twilight' movie is and show up; dont say anything, just show up.....let your hair take care of the rest.

    Kevin OB

  6. When I first saw this pic,
    I thought...OMG...this is Collin!!...No way!... He looks like a rock star! and then I scrolled down and saw that someone had already told you that!

    K Raun


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