The Picnic and The Maharaja

Part I – The Picnic: Picnics are nice. The Spring is full of the promise of Summer. There is hope in discovering that the days are getting brighter and the fun-filled weeks of holiday and visits with friends are nearing. Along with these things, today’s picnic held an added joy: finding that those faces, which had gone unseen for a time, now spur the realization, upon reappearing, that they were missed.

Picnics are not the sorts of things you typically have with people you’ve just met. And as small as it may be, even six months of history shared between people can produce the beginnings of what you might call roots. Part of the pleasure, then, of this day, was discovering that I really had missed these people and was really glad they were back. Picnic = roots. This is a good thing. Now for some pictures of Me, Candice, Sarah, and Ruth:

Part II - The Maharaja: The first time we ate Indian food was a very special time. It was a time that, as it happens, was shared with some people that we had only just met. It was a time filled with questions and wonderment at all the new things being discovered. It was good and yummy, and we both liked it very much. The first time we ate Indian food was tonight.

Thanks to our new friends Craig and Elizabeth for giving us the low-down on Indian cuisine. Also thanks to all our friends at the Maharaja who kicked us out of our table and made us leave as soon as we finished eating, because we ended up going to an awesome pub anyway, so there.


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    I feel honored to be in this blog :) Love you guys!


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