Coincidence? That’s jo-incidence with a ‘C’!

Something pretty cool happened to me the other night and I thought I’d share. We had friends over on Saturday night, and we had a really great time… and for some reason, many weeks ago we had talked about watching ‘Glee’, even though neither of us had ever seen it. Since then, Candice and I have caught up and are now weekly watchers, and every time we talk with our friends, Glee comes up.

So we decided to introduce them to episode 1. After dinner and dessert, we got cozy and started watching. I told them to expect ridiculousness, and I also told them that the show peaked pretty early, because the first episode is actually one of the best. One of the reasons it’s so good is because the very end includes an amazing rendition of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’… which then remains stuck in your head for a solid week.

After our friends left, I heard some commotion outside, people laughing and yelling as they walked by… I decided to poke my head out the window and just enjoy some of the cool night air: the breeze, the view over our street lit humbly with orange streetlamps, the old houses and tall trees sleeping quietly in the night… and, of course, the song that kept playing in my head…… or was it in my head? Over the stillness of the night air, it grew louder, louder, and even louder.

That’s right, folks, through the blackness of the night and into the peacefulness of that moment came the opening bass-line of Don’t Stop Believin’. I wasn’t imagining things, this was actually happening… at 12:30am on a quiet, out-of-the-way street in Cambridge, England, someone went outside and started playing Don’t Stop Believin’ through the loudest speakers they could muster just as I poked my head out the window.

Don’t believe me? I thought you’d say that… here’s my reply (in pretty much three words):


  1. Long time blurker, first time commenter. Josh has been scoffing at my weekly Glee date with Ava...until last week. Before the show was over he was on his laptop downloading songs from the show. The plot is never fantastic, but oh the music. Add one more to the Gleek column.

  2. you are so ridiculous. And even though I totally knew what was coming, I pressed play anyway. I love that y'all can watch Glee over there. It makes me feel like that pond between us is a little smaller.

  3. Collin,
    Kendel and I freqent your blog regularly. I thought I'd let you know that we also watch Glee weekly. You're right about the show peaking, but the music brings me back week after week.

  4. Super fun show! Also, super fun story! Also, also, I e-mailed you, sir; did you get it?

  5. nicki and i came home and put it on straight away to rock out while getting ready for bed. it was awesome.


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