The Fake Out

Candice and I were annoyed most of the day, and it took us a while to figure out what it was. We were just walking around, feeling annoyed, and we didn’t know why… then we realized… it was the Fake Out.

The Fake Out happens when everyone thinks it’s Spring, and the weather gets nice for a few days, and you have a picnic and everyone says, “Isn’t this great! Spring is finally here!” And it turns out it was all bull-freakin’-honky! The high, I repeat, HIGH temperature this weekend was 45°… that means it was in the 30’s most of the day on Saturday. What a terrible waste of a Saturday in May. We’ll never get that Saturday back. It’s gone. Forever. For.e.ver.

I wish there were more exciting things going on to blog about, but it’s been pretty low-key since we got back from the Wales camping trip. Here are some highlights:

1. Candice joined a gym called active4less. I like the name of the gym, and not just because I like it when people use numbers in place of words in clever ways. I like the name because it tells you exactly what you’re getting, makes for a nifty website address, and, if they were smart enough to think of it, would make for a great slogan: “Come get active4less so you don’t end up lessactive4life.”

2. I’ve been eating chocolate chip cookies just about every night. With milk. It’s awesome. I guess I’m just trying to keep some balance in our lives, what with all the working out Candice is doing.

3. I haven’t been sleeping through the night lately, partly because I keep having this recurring dream where a squirrel comes through our open bedroom window, leaps across the room, and lands on my neck… at that point in the dream I usually wake up because Candice is yelling at me to stop screaming and flailing my arms. The other part of my not sleeping well has to do with the sun coming up at 4:45am.

4. I have to go now before my cookies burn. Love and miss everyone.


  1. I love when it gets light out at 4:45 because that means its staying light until really late. I love that time of year - but then again, I really really like to be up when the sun is. I'll try not to be too annoying in June. :)


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