I bought a car today…

This morning when I left the house, I said to Candice, “Honey, I’ve got £125 in my pocket; I think I’ll buy a car today.” When I came home, the money in my pocket had been replaced by the key to a 1990 Honda Accord.

She’s beautiful. We haven’t named her yet, but I’m hoping for either Rosita or Betty. If we go with Rosita, then we’d have the Friends reference to Joey’s very old Barker lounger, who died when Rachel tried to move her, but was then miraculously healed. The car is also very old and may break at any time if we try to move her, but if we call her Rosita, she may be miraculously healed:

However, if we called the car Betty, she would be imbued with the spirit of Betty White, who is NOT old, but only classic. In fact, one might say that despite Betty White’s age, she is just now hitting her prime… so it would be with our car.

I think the really exciting thing about this car is what it represents: the ability to go places further than 2 miles away :). We plan to use it very often to get out of town, go camping, and drive a circle around the UK, which we will be doing very soon with our friends Matt and Tiffani! Here are some pictures of our awesome ride… she has a nice champagne color :)


A tape deck!!! And what’s even more awesome is that the car came with a FREE cassette! Get ready to rock, ‘cause I’m about to blast some ‘Avalon’ on my awesome stereo!


If you live in the US, this picture looks perfectly normal… if you live in the UK, it’s backwards. That’s right, people, she’s a good ‘ole left hand drive imported all the way from Canada :)! It still feels natural to get in on this side, so I’m happy to have something that feels like home.


If I ever sell this car, I’ll be sure to end the ad with “includes awesome window sickers!’ This is a reminder that we are in a long legacy of happy Honda owners… in fact, this car is almost an exact replica of the car that our good friend Rachel drove in high school; those were the good ole days :).



  1. You get to sit on the right side!? I am now doubly jealous!

  2. Great deal on the car! :) You guys are going to have even more fun now! :) I can't wait for the blog posts! :)

  3. 1) such a good deal. psyched.
    2) loved it a ton. love the tape deck. love the color.
    3) hope it survives our UK tour!
    4) I hope the fact that its a left-hand drive will not disappoint Matt who is excited to drive a car on the left side of the road.
    5) I won't be disappointed... as long as you let us drive a bit on the streets of Cambridge! :)

    XOXO can't wait to see it in person!


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