Summer Extravaganza 2010

Our Summer Extravaganza 2010 has begun officially, hence the reduced frequency in blog updates due to busyness and awesomeness. Fear not, faithful readers, for there will be blogs-a-plenty on the horizon with all the exciting things we have planned. The fun kicked off last week when we had a surprise engagement party for our friends Sarah and Joel. Joel has been in Kenya while Sarah has been in Cambridge… being a continent away does not a happy engagement make. Nonetheless, Joel came to visit and we enjoyed getting to know him… we also enjoyed having an awesome party with them at the Red Bull pub just down the road. We were nervous about keeping it a surprise, especially since part of the plan was taking engagement pictures of them and then having them printed at the party. I thought they might get suspicious… but apparently I underestimated my powers of stealthy-ness and secrecy (… I never really underestimated my powers). The pictures turned out great, we got them to the pub on time and everyone was there to surprise them… success! Here’s some pictures :) – don’t they look like nice people… that’s because they are.

Antiqued - Sarah and Joel-2

Glowing - Sarah and Joel-9


We’ll miss Sarah over the summer, but we’ll get to see both of them this fall when they return :). That’s all for now… more to come.


  1. I was like "Collin underestimated his powers?! That's not like him." and then as I read your parenthetical statement, I could totally imagine your face as you said that and I laughed. You probably wore tennis shoes for the whole experience, too, just in case.

  2. Certainly. And checked for any potential exits upon arrival. :)


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