Today was interesting

1. Candice went to spin class this morning, and apparently there was almost a mutiny in the class when the psycho spin instructor said for the 30th time, “Turn that resistance up just a little more!”

2. We saw something interesting earlier when we were walking through the city centre. Amongst the various street performers who were playing music and singing, there was a man standing on a stool doing what sounded like street preaching. Except, what he was saying was very bizarre. He was reading a list, which contained the names and stories of various people who had been killed by a particular murderer. So when we walked by, he was saying something like, “And the twelfth person that so-and-so killed was named such-and-such. He shot her with a….” It was very strange, and we weren’t sure what the point was. Later, we walked by again; sure enough, he was preaching. Emphasizing the suddenness of death and yelling to everyone passing by, “You’re all going to die!” And what’s even worse, it was obvious that he was not British… he was American. Thanks for making us proud, random American death preacher dude. So much irony, so many jokes, so little time.

3. We went to Subway and got a sandwich to eat in Christ’s Pieces (a park nearby). Candice goes to Subway a lot, and there’s a guy that works there that goes to the same gym. I think he’s Russian, maybe Ukrainian… and he has a kind of intimidating accent… like if you ran into him on the street he would say, “Hallo girly-maan.” Last time we saw him, he said to Candice, “Hey, we go to the same gym.” Then he noticed me and said, “Is this your lazy-man husband who won’t go to the gym with you?” I would have taken it outside and recreated a Rocky vs. Ivan Drago type situation, but what can I say, the man makes a mean chicken pizziola sandwich. 

4. You know how it’s socially acceptable to let your kid run around naked if they’re under a certain age. I mean, you’re not going to raise a fuss if your two-year old girl is walking around with no shirt on outside, right? Then, at some point, you make your kids wear clothes because they need to look presentable for their first job interview. What I’m wondering is where is the cutoff? We went to a park today called “Llamas Land”… I think that’s a funny name for a green space. There were tons of people there, lots of kids around the wading pool, families cooking out on portable barbecues… and lots of no-clothes-kids. Let’s be honest, it’s just weird when they’re old enough to organize their own game of soccer together. The appropriate age for the no-clothes-kid in the UK is way passed whatever that age is in the states. That’s all I’m going to say about that.


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