UK Road-trip Extravaganza 2010—Lake District edition

With Matt and Tiffani having arrived in Cambridge, we had a pretty ambitious plan for the next week. We allowed one day in Cambridge for them to adjust to the time, and we spent most of that day planning the road trip that would begin the next morning. For four people who are fairly well-organized and put-together, we seemed to have vastly underprepared for our travels. Nonetheless, the next morning we struck out onto the open road in the Happy Honda with nothing but our sleeping bags, GPS, food, backpacks, cameras, travel books, water bottles, and a bobble head of President Obama playing the ukulele in a Hawaiian shirt… as it turns out, for four very underprepared people, we had a lot of crap.


The one thing we did not have, however, was Matt’s bag. After all the hoopla with airlines to get Matt to London, apparently it was too much to ask for them to also bring along his luggage. Not only was this hugely inconvenient for Matt, but it was also a bit of a disappointment for me, since I had arranged for Matt to bring along a brand new camera I had bought for our trip... and, as it happens, my camera was still in Matt’s bag, who knows where. Not to be deterred by petty things like not having clothes, Matt was a trooper, and nary a complaint was heard. And thus our trip began, the four of us headed for the Lake District in Northern England, where we would spend the night around a campfire, sleeping in the Fell End barn near Lake Coniston. It was beautiful, except the part about Matt having to wear my underwear, which might be beautiful in a different way… a very different way.



IMG_0542  IMG_0523

You were good to us once again, Fell End Barn. Next stop: Edinburgh, Scotland


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