UK Road-trip Extravaganza 2010—On the Irish Sea edition

We left Edinburgh early in the morning in order to catch a ferry to Northern Ireland. The Happy Honda was content to take a ride on the ferry, and we were content to go back to sleep once the ferry trip was underway… we laid down in a big booth in one of the lounge areas, but we didn’t sleep long. Something was happening around us that we could not ignore… when we awoke, we were surrounded by moustaches. It’s almost as if our slumber had transported us to a magical land where everyone had a moustache. We obviously would not be able to sleep any longer with the sound of moustaches keeping us awake. So, we decided to do some moustache hunting.

Caution: What you are about to see is rare (and ridiculous) footage of the secret moustache convention. It is about 9:30am, I mention the time so that you might notice the amount of beer-drinking that is taking place among the 'staches… during the video, my travelling companions try to refrain me from filming, not out of embarrassment, but out of fear, for the moustache gets mighty vicious when it thinks it is being filmed… thus, we had to be as covert as possible.

Disclaimer: if you are one of the people being filmed in this video, I would hope that you feel commended by our sheer amazement at your beardiness. However, if you feel insulted in any way, please do not hunt us down and beat us up; instead, you might channel your energies in more constructive ways:


  1. so much ridiculousness. but despite that, you make me laugh, Collin Bullard.

    Also, I do not look at cute when I'm eating as Brad Pitt does.


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