Baylee in the UK

Baylee has never been on an airplane. This was a true statement not too long ago… that is, before two of her favorite people were living a plane ride away. After our whirlwind trip to Oklahoma, we got back on a plane to Cambridge, and Baylee sat between us :)… a little bit nervous, but happy.

2010-07-09 Baylee on the Plane

The most important thing to know when having a visitor in Cambridge is this: know your audience. After living in Cambridge a year, you become accustomed to giving everyone who visits the same little tour around the city to see the sights and do the necessary “Cambridge-esque” things. The city certainly doesn’t inspire the same sense of awe we felt when we first got here, but it is still fun to show people around, because it really is a beautiful place. Most people are amazed at the ancient buildings; most people gasp a little when they see King’s College chapel; most people are inspired by one of the oldest universities in the world… except, of course, for most teenage girls… who, I imagine, would respond in much the same way that Baylee did: thoroughly unimpressed with the buildings, but equally excited to see as many shops and restaurants as we could get to. This is Baylee when we were showing her the buildings:


And this is Baylee when we went shopping in London:


Okay, to be fair, these photos are a little exaggerated, we had a great time in Cambridge, and Baylee loved seeing it all. I think the best part about the trip was going to the beach. We found a great beach online that had some good reviews, one of which said it was great for naturists… apparently, that doesn’t mean ‘people who like nature’. We did not go to that beach. This is the beach that we went to…

First Year Photobook-68


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