Measuring Cups

Brits don’t use measuring cups and spoons, they measure everything by weight with a scale. We brought our measuring cups over with us because Americans are right and Brits are wrong. The only problem is that, apparently, our Bed Bath & Beyond measuring cups don’t last beyond about a year.

Here’s the deal… did you know that a measuring cup is completely useless when the little cup/teaspoon/tablespoon label wears off. The whole point of a measuring cup is that it tells you right there on the handle how much the cup holds… when that’s gone, it has ceased to be a measuring cup, and all you’re left with is a plain-old-average-joe cup, which is good for some things like serving soup, but not so good for measuring.

I thought I’d be clever and solve the issue once and for all, so I went to the office supply store and bought a paint pen. We sat down with all our cups and reasoned out which ones were which by trying to remember all the size increments (this is one of those advanced sets with things like 2/3 cup and 3/4 cup). Candice labeled them all neatly. And after one wash, we discovered that the paint comes off instantly in water… so now the poor cups have simply lost their purpose, they’re like a chest of drawers that’s lost its drawers, or a bookshelf that has no shelves, or Guitar Hero without the guitar.


  1. I have the same problems - any measuring cup (from any store) that just has the measurements printed on them wear off. It stinks.

    Recently I grabbed a set of new measuring cups and spoons from IKEA that have metal handles with the measurements engraved! Hallelujah.

    Get thee to an IKEA, or if you cannot (and I can't remember if you can), let me know and I will send you a care pkg after the next time I go to IKEA.

  2. They are completely black, so a sharpie doesn't really show up, I've tried it. I think I'm going to have to go with engraved, but I doubt IKEA sells them over here because people just don't by them, they buy scales. I'll let you know when I finally break down and order new ones from somewhere... for now, we're still trying to reason out which is which every time we use them.

  3. Yep, Locketts use Sharipes to lengthen the life of measuring cups/spoons. Although I have to say that for baking the Brits are totally correct in weighing, particularly when it comes to flours.


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