Sunday, 15 August

The Oversinger sat behind us in church this morning. It wasn’t terribly annoying to have someone singing over me, in fact, I live most of my life as if I had theme music playing, and I kind of wish I could get someone to follow me around singing all the time (in my imagination, at least, it would go something like this).

What was unique about this morning was not the volume with which the Oversinger worshipped; instead, it was the improvisation of never-ending lyrics that was really impressive. During the guitar intro, Oversinger just gave us a soft, “mmmm…. hmmmm… ohhh-o-whoa-0hhhh…”. Then throughout the song, Oversinger would connect all the lines together by lengthening the last word of the previous line into a long run of notes up and down the scale: “… in a land that is plentiful, where the streams of abundance flow, blessed be your naaaaay-eee-yay-eee-yay-eee-yaaaame.” I think it added a lot of zest to the songs, and it made me want to sing louder (I’m a very competitive singer). I even tried my own run of oh’s and hey’s, but I was interrupted by a swift jab of the elbow from Candice.

The weather’s nice today, but I don’t know how long it will hold out… there was one really warm day this week (maybe 73°), which we took advantage of by going to the Cambridge Botanic Gardens… here’s another collage of a nice summer day outside.



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